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Download Break Through the Barriers and find out the three barriers that keep you stuck... and five steps to freedom.

Trapped in the Cycle?

You’re a small business owner who started your business so that you can live life on your own terms, and to experience what it’s like to feel wealthy, successful, and happy. 

But once you started your business, the daily stress and struggle of conflicting priorities took over, and you find that you just can’t put it all together at the same time.  

Maybe you’re struggling to create the success you want to feel and experience. 

Maybe you’re struggling to feel like you’re moving the needle on your finances, or maybe you feel like no matter how much you have, it’s never enough.  

Maybe you’ve created success and wealth and you’re where you wanted to be, but you don’t feel the happiness and joy that you expected to feel. 

If any of these are true, you’re not alone. I was there once too - with massive career success and a high net-worth, but there was always something missing. I went on a journey to understand how to put it all together, and I found a successful way to teach others what I learned. 

After years of intense study, I've identified three key barriers that hold us back from wealth, success, and happiness.

If you are putting in the time, working hard, and doing everything you're "supposed" to do and you still don't have the wealth, success, and happiness that you want for your life, then I promise you that you are crashing up against one of these three critical barriers.

The Three Barriers Keeping You From Living Soul Out

I work with my clients, many of whom are successful millionaires who still feel like they aren't enough. In my mastermind we work together to shift the three barriers to the three strengths that are critical to truly break through and live soul out.


Ready to Make the Shift?

Download 'Break Through the Barriers' and find out the key mindset shifts you can make to shift from barriers to strengths instantaneously. Plus, I share the five-step process I use with my mastermind clients to go from a life of frustration and worry to living soul out.

I Turn Millionaires Into Happy Millionaires.

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Inner Game of Wealth Intensive

You've worked hard and you've done all the things the hustle-whores and grind-gurus told you, but you're still not at the level of wealth, success and happiness you want.

But have you mastered the inner game of wealth?

The game of wealth and success is only 25% actions, and 75% internal clarity, certainty and commitment that you bring to the actions. If you're holding on to intense worry, doubt and fear, you are resisting success. I will guide you to master the internal game of wealth and success so that your actions create results.

Join me for one of my two day intensive to master your inner game. Click below to learn more. 

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Ready for a deeper dive?

I work with clients in intensive workshops, group settings, and one-on-one. The right program for you depends on your goals, urgency, and budget.

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The Imposter in Charge

A vulnerable and raw account of Mike Kitko's journey from being an overweight, overstressed, overachieving, hard-drinking business executive who was on the brink of divorce, to a life of authenticity, courage, confidence, and clarity.

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What My Clients Say

Jael S.

I’ve made more than $100K since taking your course many moons ago. Plus, started a charity. Brilliance my man! Best part is, it’s NEVER about the money and always about the self-worth.

Carly B.

Mike Kitko, you seriously have changed my life! The way you coach is magical! Thank you for believing in me and helping me see the gifts that have always been inside of me. You have changed my world!

Corey B.

Mike was able to get into areas of my brain that I wouldn’t otherwise have known were there - with love and kindness. He has great intuition and I believe he can help anybody succeed.

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