Break Through the Barriers

Study Success, Not Your Craft

executive coach freedom happiness prosperity self mastery small business success wealth Aug 04, 2021

I’ve worked with small business owners who struggled to create results, success, and wealth in their business and in their lives.

I've also worked with small business owners that were self-made and created massive success and massive wealth in their business, which fueled and enabled them to create massive success and massive wealth in their lives.

There's a difference in what these two groups of accomplished individuals study.

The small business owner that struggles and struggles to create results and get momentum typically studies their craft. They get better and better at mastering their craft only. They get great at mastering their craft but they struggle to build a business around that craft.

The other group of people – the self-made, small business owners that create massive success and massive wealth – they study the art and science of success. 

There's a vast difference, because if you study just your craft, you will master your craft, but you will not create anything significant and substantial to the level of success of the small business owner who studies success. 

Here's what I mean when I talk about the science and the art of success. Master the inner game, and the outer game becomes so much easier. Master the inner game of your mind, your emotions, the resistance that you hold inside. When you master what's inside of you, what's outside of you – the obstacles and the challenges – break down a lot easier. When you fully resolve any self-worth or feelings of being broken, inadequate, or insignificant, and recognize that you are worthy – as worthy and deserving of success and happiness as anybody else on the face of the planet – it starts the domino effect. When you get really really clear about what you're looking to create in the first year, the third year, the fifth year of your business, and attach vision in your mind's eye and you focus and you attach to that vision, and you allow it to penetrate every cell in your body and you get laser-sharp focused on that vision, you can't lose.

When you start to see the worry, fear, and doubt that lies inside of you, and you resolve that by mastering the inner game, by mastering yourself and spending time with yourself in silence and stillness, by breaking those obstacles before they keep you from creating results in your life when you proactively resolve those fear doubt worry thoughts then then everything comes easier. Then finally when you take action, the action is powerfully aligned, energetic and intentional.

Every “no” creates the opportunity for a “yes” and gets you excited about the yes, because you've already mastered the inner game and when you master the inner game – the science and the art of success – the external game is easy.

There are three main barriers which prevent most people from experiencing all of the wealth, success, and happiness they desire. Download my new guide, learn the three barriers, and begin taking steps to crash through them.

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