Break Through the Barriers that are holding you back. 

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After years of intense study, I've identified three key barriers that hold us back from wealth, success, and happiness.

If you are putting in the time, working hard, and doing everything you're "supposed" to do and you still don't have the wealth, success, and happiness that you want for your life, then I promise you that you are crashing up against one of these three critical barriers.

Live Soul Out!

— Mike.

Break Through the Barriers!

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About Mike

Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author who helps business owners increase success and happiness in their lives.

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has experience in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he felt like an imposter. No matter how much success he achieved, he always felt unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unhappy. His inability to understand his body, mind, and emotions led him to problem drinking, uncontrolled anger and rage, and the abuse of everything he cared about in life.

Today, Mike has an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence and courage that matches how people perceive him externally. He has found wealth, success, and happiness, and he wants to help you do the same.