You've worked hard and you've done all the things the hustle-whores and grind-gurus told you, but you're still not at the level of wealth, success and happiness you want.


But Have You Mastered The Inner Game of Wealth and Success?


The game of wealth and success is only 25% external actions, and 75% internal clarity, certainty and commitment. If you're holding on to intense worry, doubt and fear, you never stood a chance. I will guide you to master the internal game of wealth and success so that your actions create results.


Join me for a full-day wealth intensive Feb. 11, 2022 from 8am - 5pm in St. Louis, MO.

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If you are anything like me you were taught that hard work is the way to create wealth and success. It's not. If you are not fully enjoying a life of wealth, success and happiness then you probably just don't know how. If that's the case, it's not your fault - you're just carrying out generational conditioning and the painful values you were taught.

Hard work and the glorification of struggle are lower and middle class beliefs, values and teachings which keeps the lower and middle class stuck - while the wealthy class knows that hard work and struggle are only required when you don't know the easiest path - the internal game of wealth and success. 

The wealthy have attained the mindset and the heartset - powerful internal states - of wealth and success. It's these mindsets and heartsets which create their fortune. 

Anyone can reprogram themselves to shift from the lower and middle classed approach to the wealthy classed approach at any time. 

I'd love to show you how you can make the shift.

—Mike Kitko


I worked 60-70 hours per week as an executive leader in corporate America. I was overstressed, overburdened, and I struggled to have any solid quality of life. Sure, I made a good income, but I was killing myself in the process. My health was in shambles, my family was on the verge of collapse, and I felt like I needed to sacrifice myself to succeed and create wealth. 


I only do what I love to do, I get to serve and teach amazing people around the world how to create wealth, success and happiness, I only "work" 10 -15 hours a week, and I'm making more money than ever. My net-worth grows naturally and without stress.


The difference:

I spend more time becoming the person capable of being the person who possesses the mindset and heartset of someone who can easily create wealth and success. As I become bigger, challenges and obstacles appear smaller.


How'd I do it?


I threw away everything I knew about 'success' and learned three powerful tools which eliminates the primary barriers to wealth, success and happiness.


This method works.

DISCLAIMER: I can show you the way, but it’s up to you to do the work! My clients are consistently successful when they show up every day committed to living soul out. That means, placing value on making the changes needed to live the life you want. This isn’t a cookie-cutter formula, it’s a blueprint to help you create the exact life you want. And, obviously, financial and physical results may not be typical and are reflective of the work each client puts in.

Join me for a full day wealth intensive designed to help you become the person capable of creating anything you want.


The session will take place on Feb. 11, 2022 from 8am to 5pm in St. Louis, Missouri.

Virtual viewing available as well - Zoom link will be provided to registrants.

Here’s What You'll Experience:

The exact framework I used to:

  • Design a life and business that affords me the opportunity to own my time.
  • Create a coaching and consulting business that I love that allows me to work from home according to my own schedule.
  • Transform my family into a peaceful and loving unit without routine conflict and abuse.
  • Lose nearly 100 pounds.
  • Break my toxic abuse of alcohol.
  • Rebuild my physical strength, stamina, and health.

This method works even if you have no idea where to start and feel trapped in a life that isn’t bringing you wealth, success and happiness.

You might be thinking that this is just another method or system which won't work.

I've proven out these methods and practices for myself, but also in the hundreds of people who have added zeros and commas to their bank accounts, and joy and happiness to their life.

There are a lot of hustle-whores and grind-gurus that are ready to teach you how to work harder and longer to get what you want. If that message resonates with you, then my approach isn't for you. My work is centered around the internal game of wealth and success, and finding your ‘sweet spot’ and designing your business and life around that. 


When you do that, it all becomes very easy.


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A digital copy of The Live Soul Out Cycle, a step-by-step guide to creating time freedom, financial freedom, and the freedom to be fully yourself.

Bonus #2 - The Life Mastery Course (a $495 value)

This course is life-changing. The course challenges every belief and perspective you've ever had about every single aspect of life. It is designed to help live from the inside-out, and find your most powerful, authentic and joyful way to life your life by design. This course normally sells for $495 and is included as a bonus.

Bonus #3 - The Imposter in Charge book

A digital copy of my first book, The Imposter in Charge, where I share my story. From the book jacket: "As a Fortune 500 Executive Business leader, U.S. Marine veteran and life coach, one would expect Mike Kitko to walk through life bursting with confidence. Instead, at the height of his professional success, he believed he was worthless. His book is a warts-and-all memoir/life workbook that is a vulnerable exposé about past failures in his business and personal life. Through his honed methods of approachable meditation, exercise, reflection through journaling, and many more life-improving practices, The Imposter in Charge is the new manual for decreasing self-doubt and taking on any challenge.”

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About Mike

I had every material thing that I ever dreamed of, but I was suicidal. I wouldn't seek support because I was scared to let anyone know I didn't have it all figured out.

I was a Marine veteran, a Fortune 500 executive, and I was supposed to be a powerful leader, right?

The truth was that I was a problem-drinking, 300 pounds of undisciplined chaos, and an abusive husband and father. I was in so much pain inside and I didn't want anyone to know, so I punished those around me to try to feel powerful.

Hurt people hurt people.

In March of 2016 I was fired from my second significant executive position in 20 months because I just kept so many secrets, and kept all of my struggles to myself. I led organizations of hundreds of people, but I couldn't lead myself or my own family.

I reached the breaking point.

When everything fell apart I had to relearn how to live. I had to create internal results - where I had only sought external results before. I thought titles and wealth could fix everything. I was wrong.

I started from scratch by hiring a coach. I shared all of my pain, fears, doubts, and concerns, and we began separating all of the mental and emotional noise from reality.

We implemented basic elements of physical, mental, and emotional health into my life. I read hundreds of books per year. I learned to create an intentionally healthy and purposeful life. I learned a new way to live.

I learned how to feel because I was taught not to feel and that feelings and emotions are weak. The truth is that stuffing emotion is weak, and there's strength in vulnerability.

Over time I learned to be real, raw, and vulnerable, and to expose all of my struggles and pain. I documented my story in my first book The Imposter in Charge so that there were no longer secrets, and so that I could finally take off my mask. I could breathe because I stopped fearing being found out.

I found the internal personal power that I always thought I would find outside.

I rebuilt my life with my family, and learned how to lead - not expect, manipulate, control, guilt, and shame them as I had learned.

Finally, I found my own purpose in the world to lead thousands to new levels of success, happiness, and freedom.

My life is completely different today than just a few years ago, and each day I wake up on fire for life. I put my self-care first, my purpose next, and my family reaps the rewards of my powerful presence, purpose, and time and financial freedom.

Purpose and passion create powerful lives, relationships, and income. But we must be willing to step out of the shadows and finally lead through stewardship, respect, and love of everything we touch.

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