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 Who is Mike Kitko?

Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author. After a colossal career and personal meltdown, he found his true purpose: inspiring leaders to find the power in their authenticity, purpose, and passion.

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has decades of experience in leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he always felt like an imposter. His outward persona was one of strength and wealth, yet he struggled internally with self-confidence and self-fulfillment. His inability to understand his emotions led him to a toxic relationship with alcohol, uncontrolled anger, and ballistic rage. The abuse of his marriage, family, professional career, and health are documented in The Imposter in Charge, his first book.

Through coaching, intense study, and deep work, Mike learned to embrace self-doubt and care for his body, mind, emotions, and soul with self-mastery. Now Mike's overflowing energy, clarity, and love inspire souls. With an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence that matches how people perceive him externally, Mike has turned his life around. Now he helps small business owners lead powerfully, love selflessly, profit shamelessly, and play recklessly.

Lead. Love. Profit. Play. Why not have it all?

Keynote Topics

Unmask Imposter Syndrome: Learning to Recognize and Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud

Imposter syndrome is an invisible, paralyzing force that is rampant in leadership. The higher you climb, the more likely it takes hold. Mike Kitko knows this firsthand. In this powerful keynote, Kitko shares the impactful, albeit frightening, keys to unmasking imposter syndrome – authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability – that will remove insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance from your life for good.

Creating Wealth, Success, and Happiness: Create Anything You Want with These Five Relationships

Grow your relationships, grow your circumstances. Mike Kitko demonstrates how nurturing and growing five key relationships – with yourself, others, your career, your money, and with life itself – leads to infinite wealth, success, and happiness. Every obstacle and challenge you face is because of one of these relationships. The healthier these relationships, the easier you'll succeed.


Breakthrough: Identifying And Crushing The Three Most Common Barriers to Wealth, Success, and Happiness

Mike Kitko will help catapult you from where you are to where you want to be, demonstrating how to identify and crush the three most common barriers to everything you want. Kitko shares that shame, confusion, and cowardice are holding you back, and once recognized, accepted, and embraced, moving beyond these barriers makes the life you want to live easier to create. 

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