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Inner Game of Wealth Intensive

Do you want to create more wealth, success and happiness in your life and business?

Have you tried all of the things the hustle-whores and grind-gurus teach like "work more", "do more", "sleep less" without getting the results you want?

Do you know that there's more to creating more wealth and success in your life and business besides struggle and stress, but you don't know what to do?

Join us at the Inner Game of Wealth Intensive, and start moving the needle on your results.

What you'll get:

  • A full-day of teaching and coaching from Mike Kitko, and discussion with others who want more wealth, success and happiness in their lives and businesses.
  • Mike's Live Soul Out Cycle guide (bonus #1) to start gaining clarity, certainty and commitment to results.
  • Mike's full do-it-yourself Life-Mastery Course (bonus #2, sells for $495).
  • A digital copy of Mike's first book The Imposter In Charge.

A Zoom link will be provided to all registrants for virtual viewing.

DISCLAIMER: I can show you the way, but it’s up to you to do the work! My clients are consistently successful when they show up every day committed to living soul out. That means, placing value on making the changes needed to live the life you want. This isn’t a cookie-cutter formula, it’s a blueprint to help you create the exact life you want. And, obviously, financial and physical results may not be typical and are reflective of the work each client puts in.

What People Are Saying:

Mike Kitko is the real deal. I can’t express how obviously different my life is now compared to before I’ve been working with Mike. And it has only been 3 weeks!! I gave Mike a goal that I wanted to hit $10,000 a month additionally in my business. We’re almost a month in, and I am having serious reconsiderations that I shot too low with that goal. I don’t know what fabric this man is cut from, but whatever cloth it is, I’m wrapping my goals in it.

Allen Little

I attended Mike's first live event this past Saturday. Nothing short of radical transformation occurred. He leads passionately, receptively, humbly, and compassionately. I felt so energized after leaving, and the growth continued exponentially even after leaving the space. Due to the reframing of deep subconscious beliefs at this event, I’ve had a series of conscious, divinely spontaneous epiphanies bubble to the surface. The blessings and insights I received have empowered me to claim many truths that I was in fear of before.

Rose Leopold

Through my participation in Mike's program I was able gain clarity in my business and life on how I want to serve others and how I can express it in a way that's me. Because of that I was able let go of being perfect and was able to show up as myself and that helped create the best month of my business so far. That best part of that is it wasn't as hard to do to. I get to be me, run a business I love helping others with their careers, and make money.

Brad Finkeldei