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One-time offer only $9  The world sees you at the level of significance that you see yourself.

If you begin with this simple concept, then how do you determine pricing for your services that reflects your level of significance?

In this short training, I share my tips to decide on a pricing structure that will bring you the prosperity that you want, while delivering value to help your clients succeed.

This course includes a 50-minute video and a 41-page workbook to help you put the concepts into practice.

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The Prosperity Principles Book and Bonuses

What You Will Get.

A digital copy of The Prosperity Principles book where you will learn the exact framework and tools I used to achieve prosperity and live soul out.

Years ago, I was a 300-pound binge drinker. I was not kind to myself, I hated my career choices and how I created income. My family life was abusive and toxic. Together my family and I had so many things for which to be grateful. My wife Angie and I had amassed savings, we had a beautiful home, and extremely bright, loving, and healthy children. But we found a way to make our lives hell anyway. It seemed that when things came too easily, we didn’t appreciate them. This showed up in every area of our life. We made everything hard. 

By March of 2016, after a long, successful run in corporate America in various executive leadership positions, I was unceremoniously terminated twice in a span of 20 months. My time in “the real world” had ended. I could not lead anyone. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthy, and couldn’t recognize my worth and talents. I couldn’t dream beyond the next level of promotion. I was supposed to be a powerful leader. I had once been a strong leader in the United States Marine Corps and in Fortune 500 America, but now I could barely lead myself, much less a business. 

I had a choice to make. I could either pull the trigger and end my life, or I could wipe the slate clean and start all over. To me, the former is a sign of quitting, and I’ve never quit in my life, and the latter would require being willing to surrender to the fact that I knew nothing about life.

So on April 1, 2016, I started a journey of reinvention. 

In The Prosperity Principles I share the exact framework I used to:

☑️ Lose nearly 100 pounds.

☑️ Break my toxic abuse of alcohol.

☑️ Rebuild my physical strength, stamina, and health.

☑️ Transform my family into a peaceful and loving unit without routine conflict and abuse.

☑️ Create a coaching and consulting business that allows me to work from home according to my schedule.

☑️ Design a life and business that affords me the opportunity to own my time and live soul out.

While the system is simple, it is incredibly powerful as a guide for taking stock and creating change.

Have you ever woke suddenly in the middle of the night, crushed by anxiety, worry, and a deeper sense that there’s “more” to life that you aren’t reaching, no matter what you do? I promise you that the steps I teach you in The Prosperity Principles will help you identify that “more” and reach the success, happiness, and freedom you desire. I can give you the framework and tools to achieve prosperity and live soul out. It’s up to you to implement and make positive change in your life.

Buy today and you will also receive:

Bonus #1 - Live Soul Out Cycle
A digital copy of the Live Soul Out Cycle, which helps you understand the 3 primary blocks to wealth, success and happiness, and how to move beyond them.

Bonus #2 - Blueprint to Creating a Service-Based Business (Free)
Everything you need to create a business that supports the life you want, right now. Working through the guide you will complete the market research, product development, and marketing/sales strategy you need to start your own service-based coaching or consulting business.

Bonus #3 - The Imposter in Charge book (Free)
A digital copy of The Imposter in Chargemy first book where I share my story. From the book jacket: "As a Fortune 500 Executive Business leader, U.S. Marine veteran and life coach, one would expect Mike Kitko to walk through life bursting with confidence. Instead, at the height of his professional success, he believed he was worthless. Kitko was an overweight, over stressed, overachieving, alcoholic business executive on the brink of divorce. From the outside he appeared to have all the pillars of a successful life. On the inside he was constantly questioning his abilities, and his work suffered in turn. His book is a warts-and-all memoir/life workbook that is a vulnerable exposé about past failures in his business and personal life. Kitko reveals his path to discovering the ways in which people “fake it” to avoid appearing incapable. After addressing what brought him to his breaking point and transforming his own life, Kitko teaches readers how they too can move past old beliefs and routines. Through his honed methods of approachable meditation, exercise, reflection through journaling, and many more life-improving practices, The Imposter in Charge is the new manual for decreasing self-doubt and taking on any challenge."

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What People Are Saying:

I saw you passionately speak to our group about financial scarcity and poverty, and the poor money mind-set and heart-set which causes and keeps people stuck in a victim mentality. Your passion and advanced thinking break people free from their existing state. You make Dave Ramsey sound like a stale Econ professor.

Skip, Entrepreneur

As the owner of a small business, I love to have someone to brainstorm with. It makes it even better if this person is a trusted resource that knows your business well but doesn't have a stake in the outcome. I hired Mike Kitko because I was looking for someone to help me take my company to the next level. It has worked out so well. He has really come to understand our company, our team, and our culture. He is someone I trust to go to when I need to talk through a tough decision. He has brought several blind spots to the surface that I didn't know were holding our team back. I really love our weekly talks and they either make me think about something in a different way or lead to a breakthrough I didn't see coming. He has become an awesome resource for me and our leadership team."

Bryan, Real Estate Business Owner

I hired Mike as my coach a few months after I started my franchise business to help me stabilize my emotions and anxiety over the entrepreneurial roller coaster. His coaching quickly expanded to my health, personal power, vision, relationships, business strategies and more. Through a varied approach ranging from spiritual and emotional growth to mental clarity and executive business coaching, Mike was able to get to the core of a multitude of issues with which I was struggling. Mike’s honesty, level of care, passion and ability to problem-solve was remarkable. After coaching with Mike I can honestly say I am a completely different person with how I approach my daily life and long-term vision. I am happier than ever and am focused on the journey, not just the results. My business’ monthly sales nearly tripled during my coaching term with Mike. I was profitable the month after hiring Mike, only 3 months after opening the business! After completing the first year of my business, I was given an award by my franchise for 2nd highest sales across the country for a new office. And my current rate of sales growth and profitability are years ahead of schedule. With Mike’s help, I was able to change my inner world which had a direct effect on my outer world. The relationship with my family, my business results and of course, my own happiness, have all grown for the better through my work with Mike!

Jordan Black, Franchisee

When I started working with Mike, I was at a point in life where I wasn't providing much value to anyone in my life. I was making about $5k a month in my business. I had tried everything to feel better and had just about given up. Then I invested heavily to hire Mike. I took out a loan to pay for a full year of premium coaching. It was well worth the investment. We had a full-day intensive, and that single day was worth the full investment. During a call in the first month I asked Mike how he was doing, and he said “It’s great to be Mike Kitko”. I told him that that was our new goal; I just wanted to be able to say those same words one day. Within 6 months I called Mike and said: “It’s great to be Me”. I felt awesome about who I am, what I wanted, and the value I brought to other people. By the end of the year my business was making $25k per month - which just happened to be the full investment I made to work with Mike. It’s even better to be Me now than back then as I continue to grow and work on the things that limit being the best possible Me. An investment that has paid dividends in my personal health and personal finances. If you get the chance to work with Mike jump in with both feet like I did. You’ll never regret the decision.

KV, Business Consultant

I love working with Mike. He helps me stay accountable to my personal vision for my life and points out when I'm letting "stories" get in the way of my plans and goals. He's helped me stay focused on enjoying the journey and having fun in every challenge & season. We talk weekly about business goals, personal goals, and barriers that I inadvertently create to achieving those. While working with him, my success, happiness, and peace have increased dramatically. Thanks, Mike, I'm so grateful to you.

Jen Donley